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Work at Alpujarra Kids Space: Starting September 2017: Co-ordinator. Arts Specialist. Early Years Specialist. Alpujarra Kids Space is a small democratic / free alternative to school attended regularly by 21 home schooled children aged 3-11. We are located in a lush valley in the beautiful Alpujjara mountains in the south of Spain, at the centre of an open off-grid anarchistic community. To find out more about Alpujarra Kids Space and see pictures of our world, check out our website: http://alpujarrakidsspace.wixsite.com/english At present, Kids Space is preparing to change hands. Two key staff, the co-ordinator and atelierista will be moving on. This is a special and precarious moment in our development; an incredible opportunity for growth and a weak point at which the chance of failure is at its highest. While there is a huge amount of room for change and development, change must take place in a way which is respectful of and consistent with our aims and objectives, and all that the children and families know and love about Kids Space. To give this process the best chance of working well, we are planning an extended handover period between September and December 2017. During this time, new staff will be supported by the current co-ordinator in developing their understanding of our project, getting to know children, parents and the community, and progressively taking over full responsibility for Alpujarra Kids Space. We are looking for a co-ordinator, an arts specialist / atelierista and an early years specialist. For people with sufficient energy, imagination and dedication, these are dream opportunities. In many ways, the hardest work – creating a culture and a community – has already been done. Now we need fresh energy to continue this vital, delightful and beautiful work. If you are interested in finding out more about specific roles, our project, how we work, and how to apply to work with us, please email us at kidsspacebene@gmail.com and ask for an application pack.

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