Book Reviews/Essays

Please consider the focus and scope of Other Education when proposing a book to review. With that, non-academics, poets, artists, gardeners, bird watchers, students, dropouts, and early-career academics (however these categories might be understood) are particularly, though not exclusively, encouraged to contribute a review to the journal. So too are interventions from outside the fields of Education. We work to recognize all labor that might be involved in writing, editing and publishing a review, and are grateful to reviewers who commit themselves to this process. 
Book Reviews
More than a summary, a book review is intended to provide an engaged evaluation of the themes, arguments and approaches to the text, as well as to provoke further contemplation and interaction with what the book has (or, if found lacking, needs) to offer.
Review Essays
A review essay is an opportunity to write beyond the book being reviewed to incorporate your own work/thinking/imagining, opening up and expanding debates that the book generates and contributes to. A larger word count is intended to facilitate a deeper engagement with the themes of the text placed in conversation with personal/professional reflections.
Other Reviews
In keeping with the journal's aims, potential reviewers are encouraged to consider and attempt departures, deviations, blurrings and otherwise experiment with standard academic review practice. This too applies to what is considered an educational book/a book on education. The above notes therefore are offered as guiding notes. 
Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, the format of book reviews/review essays are to follow Other Education manuscript guidelines. A review may be returned to the author with suggestions for clarification and/or revision. 
Word Count
Book Reviews ~ 1000 words
Book Review Essays ~ 1500-3000 words
If you are interested in contributing a review, please contact the Reviews Editor, Michael Miller (